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product arrow FOMEX STUDIO KIT 206 HD 600W

Price Rp 13.525.000
Rp 17.400.000

Description :

(2 pcs) Studio Flash HD 800

(2 pcs) Standard Reflector

(2 pcs) Umbrella Silver, 85cm

(1 pcs) Syncro Cable

(2 pcs) Grand Light Stand (EL-2900GA/B)

(1 pcs) Travel Bag (For 2 Lamp)

■ Features

After a long time of research in photography lighting system, Fomex light system was born based on accumulated technology and know-how in photography lighting industry.

Control system with a microprocessor module makes operation easy and produces the precise output power.

High quality components, sophisticated design, and rigorous testing resulted in a product that is safe to use, durable, and portable.

Fomex lighting system is specially designed and made to last and to protect against mechanical damage.

■ Specifications

Model HD200 HD400 HD600 HD800 HD1000 HD1200
AC Voltage 100 - 120V , 50/60Hz
190 - 250V , 50/60Hz
Flash power 200Ws 400Ws 600Ws 800Ws 1000Ws 1200Ws
Tube Replacement Detachable (Easy to replace)
Color Temp. 5,500k(±150k)
Power Control Range F2.88 - F227 
F4.09 - F451 
F5.66 - F456
F5.69 - F640
F8.01 - F642
F8.06 - F647
Power Control Knob Volume Controller (VR)
Recycle Time 0.1-0.7sec 0.1-1.0sec 0.2-1.3sec 0.2-1.3sec 0.3-1.7sec 0.3-2.0sec
Model Lamp Type Halogen 1000W (GX 6.35 base. 2-pin typed))
Model Lamp Control Volume Controller (VR)
Ready Charge Sound On : Buzzer and LED On / Sound Off : Model Lamp Blinks
Over Temperature Warning O.T(Red LED) Blinking, Warning Buzzer
Syncro. Voltage DC 8V
Flash Trigger Infrared Photo Cell, Synchro Cord, TEST Button
Sound ON/OFF
(Infrared Sensor)
Cooling Fan DC Cooling Fan (Ball Bearing Typed)
Size (W x L x H) 190x140x170 mm
7.5x5.5x6.7 inch
235mmx140x170 mm
9.2x5.5x6.7 inch
350x140x170 mm
13.8x5.5x6.7 inch
Weight 2.35kg / 5.2lbs 2.5kg / 5.5lbs 2.7kg / 5.9lbs 3.5kg / 7.7lbs 3.4kg / 7.5lbs 3.9kg / 8.6lbs
■ Name and function of panel

■ Name of each part


■ Feature

  • Fitted with braked wheels.
  • Air cushioned; pressure die-cast aluminum column extension collars.
  • Quick to set up and stable. 
  • Double braced leg base for extra stability and safety.

■ Specification

  • Minimum Height : 110cm
  • Maximum Height : 290cm
  • Closed Length : 108cm
  • Weight : 2kg
  • Maximum Load : 10kg





110 290 108 2 10


■ Features

  • Light & soft fabric with Velcro liner.
  • Available for pack 2pcs of studio lighting and external pocket for honeycomb in front cover. 
  • Designed especially for the travelling photographer.
  • Size : 40x25x40cm 

                                   Available for pack 2pcs of studio lighting